Vincent CY Chen is a Taiwanese artist, who's interest in the human body led him to explore a wide array of subjects allowing him to truly develop an understanding of the opposing but not always contradicting polarities; interwoven between the structural composition and mental psyche of human development. Chen specializes in creating art that is true to his journey in exploring and defining the meaning of being human. These art forms include but are not limited to sculptures, mixed media installations, and performances. 

Chen’s focus is to investigate and project his perceptual realism of what it means to be human and to dissect all human creations from civilizations to societal norms by depicting the relationships between biology and psychology, political and personal, organic and inorganic, conceptual and literal. Furthermore, Chen also seeks to comprehend the human psyche by probing into the affairs of the superego, ego, and id. In combination, Chen tries to display his belief that all things created and living will eventually degrade to their most simple and primitive forms of nature.